We are Blok24. Nice to e-meet you!


Why Blok24?

A passion for technology and all things local drives us to innovate and find better ways to ensure our favorite spots continue to thrive in the community.

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Andrew Wright | CEO

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with a deep love of sports and the outdoors. When not working on a startup, he gets his fix playing squash, tennis or golf as well as hiking, sailing or skiing with family and friends. 


Troy Frever | CTO

Troy holds National and World Championship titles as an Ultimate Frisbee player. He has summited all 5 volcanic peaks in the state of Washington.


Benny Phanichkul | Software Developer

Benny toured to SXSW as a drummer in a local Seattle band. He is a camping enthusiast and proud owner of a Westphalia VW Eurovan.


Brent Ringenbach | Business Development

Book Smarts or Street Smarts? Pythagorean theorem didn't help Brent sneak into Kanye West's Grammy party. Teaching street smarts to his daughter since 2003 and making divots in fairways over three decades. He learned the aforementioned theorem from his mom... she was his 9th grade geometry teacher.


Lizzie Krawczak | Customer Engagement Project Manager

Lizzie is a part time marathon runner and full time cheese enthusiast. You'll find her hiking in the Cascades, hanging out with her identical twin, and hosting competitive guac-off competitions on the weekends.

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Hailey Pettit | Customer Acquisition Project Manager

Hailey is a travel enthusiast who has been to 12 countries so far. She loves to write music, play soccer, and is learning to play the drums. She once served Lil Jon a chicken empanada...so that's cool.