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Blok24 is your real-time billboard for the whole neighborhood to see. Anything you post will be seen by thousands of customers nearby who are looking for something to do today.


Boost last-minute attendees

Hosting a tasting, music event, or weekly trivia night? Rally people to attend your happenings day-of.

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Lull no longer. Catch the eye of customers by offering up a limited-time deal or promotion they can’t resist.

Stay top of mind every day

Grab the attention of customers that matter, and bring them back in by announcing a special or news update


How it works




Post fun things you have going on this week

Grab the attention of people near you looking for something to do

Measure community engagement through views, favorites, and shares.

Case Studies

Aston Manor

Optimism Brewery

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Blok24 Engagements


Facebook Engagements

Blok24 Engagements



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