We are all about inspiring people to get out and do!

10's of millions of us are addicted to Netflix, social media, and video games. The connections we have with our local communities have suffered. We set out to counteract that trend, helping people to get out and interact with each other and their communities.

We were surprised how time consuming it is to find cool local things to do.  Bar and restaurant directories with written reviews are frustrating and time consuming to navigate. Sources for local events, new offerings, and deals are fragmented.  Blok24 is designed to address these issues, providing an all-in-one app that is simple, relevant and fun.

We are a group of go getters. Our aim is to inspire others to get out and do, and look forward to the weekdays as well as the weekends. Connecting with our local community and neighborhood feels great. Try it and discover what's happening near you.